Private coaching, editing and manuscript refinement services are available by arrangement. Writers work one-on-one in private sessions with Teresa for manuscript editing and critique, developing strategies for moving forward, breaking through writer’s block, and tailoring their own writing practice to support their larger goals. For beginning writers, private sessions can offer a starting point for identifying priorities, setting goals, and finding the support needed to get serious about writing.

“Teresa’s consultation on my manuscript was so incredibly generous. I was helped by her feedback in so many important ways! I so appreciated the outline of “scenes” that put a new perspective on the structure of my story. She pointed out some things that I felt innately, yet could never for the life of me articulate…

“Teresa, our meeting and your feedback produced a huge burst of inspiration, soul searching and ignited a writing frenzy. I’m excavating the “stuff” that lies beneath the surface. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.”

… Teresa’s feedback on my manuscript was thoughtful and helped me pinpoint areas I could improve on in addition to identifying the many things I was doing right. She doesn’t impose any writing style on you, she helps you find your own voice and make your work the best it can be.”
As an editor, Teresa offers sincere, compassionate guidance that will help any writer’s work — regardless if it is a first draft or last — sparkle with clarity.

Please contact Teresa for more information.

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